Bustech drives expansion inter-state

courier-mail-bustechA $2 million South Australian Government grant has kick-started a new advanced manufacturing alliance spearheaded by Queensland’s Bustech to deliver the nation’s next generation urban transport vehicles.

Bustech, the manufacturing arm of mass transit specialist Transit Australia Group, last year attracted international attention with the successful launch of Australia’s first electric bus. The company is Australia’s only OEM bus manufacturer, with chassis designed and made domestically. The new agreement will see Bustech continue to charter fresh territory for Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Leveraging existing facilities and engineering capability in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, Bustech has struck a strategic alliance with Adelaide-based Precision Components, sparking the transition of decades of advanced manufacturing expertise and jobs away from South Australia’s automotive industry.

Boosting South Australia’s economic plan to generate additional jobs and new opportunities for local suppliers to diversify, the $2 million grant will see the manufacture of four environmentally friendly buses including two advanced diesel buses and two electric buses.

Once built, the State Government will use the buses to trial how electric and low carbon emission buses might be used as part of Adelaide’s main public transport network.

Transit Australia Group CEO Michael McGee says the South Australian Government’s interest in advanced manufacturing and e-mobility solutions for public transport is inspiring.

“The Adelaide facility is the result of companies collaborating to deliver market-leading products and a government keen to support the manufacture and trial of next generation urban transport vehicles,” Mr McGee says.

“It’s the first step in a long-running partnership with Precision Components and the South Australian Government to create an advanced manufacturing alliance focussed on e-mobility, transport and energy infrastructure in northern Adelaide.”

Mr McGee said it was an example of how governments could attract investment and promote industry.

“We are creating 100 new jobs over the next 18 months and an additional 12 buses are already set for manufacture in Adelaide starting early next year. It’s a great example of how pro-business governments can attract investment and generate jobs.”

“With Bustech buses being completely Australian designed, engineered and made from the ground up, it’s great to keep the skills and labour onshore while delivering the nation’s growing requirements for transport products.”

Mr McGee says the Adelaide alliance has also strengthened Transit Australia Group’s position internationally.

“Adelaide enhances our production capacity for domestic supply and provides genuine export opportunities with our business ventures in New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.”