World class quality, through and through.

As if producing buses that are stronger, lighter, more economical and more
spacious wasn''t enough, all Bustech buses are quality built to ensure they are without peer in passenger transport. Proof positive of this are our two latest models – the mid-size MDi and the full size XDi and CDi. With their fully integrated Bustech chassis and body combination, these highly innovative buses incorporate distinct eye-catching exterior styling with specifications not normally associated with a low floor bus. Even though its frames are stainless steel, the XDi is still over 1.2 tonne lighter than its nearest competitor, making it both supremely economical and environmentally responsible.

Here are just some examples of our quality build:

  • Exterior innovations
    • Easily replaceable front GRP corners – 6mm thick (as opposed to the standard 3mm)
    • Large access doors for easier servicing
    • Quick change over glass when damaged
    • Easy access fuel cap, slide out battery, engine componentry and quick check oil doors
    • Lightweight ramp and driver hook to prevent injury
    • Full underbody spray to protect the already non-corrosive stainless steel and monopan floor.
  • Interior innovations
    • One-step floorline for 90% of passengers, with one additional rear step
    • Hand poles evenly distributed for passenger safety
    • Additional escape hatches in roof
    • Rear interior is all stainless steel paneling to prevent vandalism and reduce cleaning costs
    • The body has been noise and heat insulated
    • All electrical centres are easily accessible
    • Interiors have been deliberately kept simple for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Cabin innovations
    • All cabins ergonomically designed based on our chief engineer's "Ergonomic Cabin Design" paper published at Glasgow Caledonian University in 2001
    • All chassis components, gauges, cash box and ticket machines within easy reach of driver
    • No overhead controls – maintains driver's line of sight
    • Drivers seat is the absolute best on the market, no expense spared.
    • Cab door anti-vandal screen – approved by the Busway Drivers Committee
    • Safety sensor on driver's seat belt
    • Ticket bin easily removed