A versatile ultra low floor body that can be integrated with Volvo Mercedes Benz and MAN chassis.


12.5m Ultra Low floor with a Seating Capacity of 55 one door 51 two door with two wheel chair positions provide by 6 flip up seat’s and a standing capacity of up to 33 depending on final specification.

Integrated body and chassis all 304 Marine grade stainless steel fully welded along with alloy and composite flooring and other light weight components gives it a tare weight of approximately 10,500kg depending upon chassis (Buggy) weight and final specification. The fully loaded weight is approximately 16,000kg with approximately 84 passengers.


Aluminium framed saloon windows and rubber keyed glass for rapid replacement, resulting in less down time, a one piece windscreen allowing uninterrupted drivers forward vision.


DENSO “LD8i” compressor and boost pump, polyurethane dipped coils. A/C is ducted throughout vehicle and to windscreen, along with, Aurora heater demister with two speed fan giving a mist free vision in almost any climate.


Comprising of one piece, Roof, front and rear Header, and one piece, side sheets all composite fire retarded fiber glass with an option of ‘Quick Change’ side skirts in either alloy or high impact ABS plastic. A three piece rear bumper and front corners segmented for quick changing.

The VST body is highly versatile and will integrate well with most major chassis manufacturers Volvo, Mercedes Benz, M.A.N etc.

It has been considered by many a proud owner as the Rolls Royce in ultra Low floor Urban Bus. And over the past 6 years winning many awards for excellence in design and construction.

The ease of cleaning inside with the cantilever seats all stainless steel interior rear header and stainless steel paneling to the rear of saloon seats, (makes it a graffiti artists night mare.)

The quick change side skirts, segmented front and rear bumper bars and key rubber saloon windows means for little down time when thing’s don’t go quite as planned.

Built with consideration for routine maintenance with large high swing doors, (that are easy removed if need be) and floor hatches in the appropriate places.

Another winning aspect of the VST is consideration in the design of the Drivers area placement of switches ticket machine safe desto controller radio and such are all in arms reach. The drivers comfort is also considered with Air Conditioning being ducted to windscreen keeping it cooler on those hot afternoons and clear of mist on those cold wet mornings.